Quality, safety and environment

In order for 'Socially Responsible Enterprising' to become embedded in our organisation a lot of attention is being paid to safety, environment and quality concerning people, surroundings and our products. Our QHSE Department, being responsible to see to it that this is realised, is focussing on the three aspects "Quality, Safety and Environment" which simply cannot be seen as separate issues. Approaching the subject in this manner complies with the general approach according to the Lankhorst People-Planet-Profit model.

Safety and Environment are very important to us. Due to constantly changing regulations and new machinery, people and the environment have to comply with new demands. When it comes to investments and development of new products and processes, safety as well as the environment are subjects that are taken into account at a very early stage. Special QHSE employees are responsible for the renewal of safety plans on an annual basis and for regular inventories and evaluations of basic risks.

Production personnel are individually informed on the use of protection means and the Lankhorst safety policy. Sustainable enterprising to us also means that we take the environment into account by reducing and recycling waste streams, by minimising the necessary input and by concluding long-range agreements with the government concerning the reduction of the use of energy sources.

Our quality department is responsible for quality and process controlling. Well trained quality co-ordinators are seeing to the right procedures, calibrated measuring equipment, good work instructions and they are continuously seeking improved measuring procedures to guarantee a well functioning product. These procedures take place at the very beginning of the process and include all departments involved.

The co-ordinators also monitor the efficiency and durability of our production processes. On top of that our quality department is responsible for co-ordination and registration of complaints. This way we are able to optimise our products and services. Together with you we aim to find even better solutions for all of your applications!