RollCradle System

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The RollCradle System from KLP® consists of a reinforced plastic rail with notches and blocks (Roll Cradles) which can be placed at different distances from each other, depending on the coil diameter.


Why use KLP® RollCradle System in your warehouse?


  • One supplier for the complete system (turn-key)
  • No steel profiles needed
  • No special installation equipment needed
  • Fast installation
  • Improved safety for personnel (TÜV approved)
  • Easy two level stacking
  • Less damage to your precious coils
  • Splinter proof
  • Long lifetime
  • Enormous load bearing capacity
  • Flexible and efficient
  • No oil absorption


KLP® RollCradle system is an improved version of the traditional KLP® RollCradles. It will be supplied as a turn-key coil storage system. The system offers good value for those warehouses that do not have a large variety in coil dimensions and that store coils up to 2 levels.


Lankhorst Mouldings have over 35 years of experience in safe coil storage. Our selection of raw materials guarantees an extreme long lifetime. When subject to loading, the roll cradles flex slightly, yet will return to their original shape immediately afterwards. This will avoid damage to your precious coils. RollCradles are also available for use inside (steel) UNP-channels.

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KLP® RollCradle System
Looking for safe & easy coil stacking up to 2 levels? This coil cradle system offers a turn-key solution!
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