Coil storage solutions

All of our coil storage systems have been engineered in close cooperation with our customers - they are the experts in steel, we are the experts in plastics. Production takes place in our own production facility, which is based in the city of Sneek in the Netherlands.


Lankhorst Mouldings produces a wide range of both single and multi-layer coil storage systems, that will improve the safety of your coil storage warehouse tremendously. Among others, our product range includes coil pads, coil saddles, coil blocks, coil mats, coil cradles, coil wedges and the turn-key KLP® Roll Stop System.


Whether you want to store hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, painted or tin-plate (slit) coils, whether you want to store them single level or up to two or three levels - there is always a Lankhorst Mouldings coil storage system that will fit your situation.


Please find our coil storage products below or download our Coil storage systems brochure. For more Lankhorst products visit our corporate website.

coil storage



Safe three level stacking

(No steel profiles needed)


Rollstop system




Safe three level stacking







Safe two level stacking

RollCradle System




Single level (slit)coil storage


Storageblocks & Oiltrays

The long wedged beams offer safe and flexible storage for wide coils and also for narrower or even (bundled) slit coils.

CoilWedge System
NZ Steel Coil Wedges 010




Single level (slit)coil storage


A sustainable coil storage system that can easily be installed and removed from a ship’s cargo bay.

Coil Carrier Connect



Storage of heavy machine parts and stamping dies

Hees 003




Multiple level slitcoil storage


Reusable heavy duty carriers for safe and protected transport of your coils.




Storage and transport of coils with the 'eye to the sky'




Safe & flexible storage of your pipes

PipeStop System

Product advantages

Optimal coilstore safety
At Lankhorst safety is most important and second to none In this coilstorerespect we find it very important that our engineers are fully involved in the whole process: designing (new) coil storage systems in our own R&D Centre, recycling the right type of plastics in our own recycling plant, producing coil storage chocks in our own production facility and on-site advice by our highly experienced sales engineers. Needless to say that most of our products have been evaluated and approved by TÜV Germany, as well Lankhorst are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 regulations.


Less damage during coil storage
Our material is ductile. When subjected to loading, KLP® material flexes slightly but will return to its original shape immediately afterwards. KLP® considerably reduces damage to your precious coils.

coil store


Optimal flexibility

We do not simply copy a wooden chock, but develop new innovative coil storage systems. We know that your coil dimensions are not always the same, therefore our chocks are not fixed to their position - they can easily be adjusted for the coil dimensions that you have today. Flexibility for diameter, width and weight.


Extreme long lifetime
As mentioned before, at Lankhorst we recycle plastics ourselves, and we have done so for the past 35 years. This allows a constant quality level at all times, very important when it comes to safety. Anyone can make a black plastic chock, but who has the experience to make a coil store chock that never breaks and lasts a lifetime?

World wide

Our coil storage systems can be found all over the globe. It is our goal to offer our customers the best possible service, world wide. Therefore we have a team of highly qualified (sales) engineers in our office in Sneek, the Netherlands.


Besides the home office we have local representatives and stockholders in many countries like Austria, Spain, UK, Scandinavia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Poland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, India, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Australia.