Product support

On-site product advice and support



Safe coil storage is always tailor-made. Although there are many similarities in coil warehouses, all of our customers have specific storage characteristics with special requests. That's why our sales engineers are always ready to visit you on-site.


And there is another advantage of being in the steel business for so long: Lankhorst has a vast network of representatives all over the world - in all major steel countries on all continents. No matter where you are located, there is always a Lankhorst representative near you for instant advice or support.


To choose the best solution for your coil warehouse the following details may be very important:


  • Master coils or slit coils
  • Single level coil storage or stacking up to two or three levels
  • Average coil diameter
  • Average coil weight
  • Coil temperature
  • Covered warehouse or outside storage


Our engineers' helpdesk is always available for instructions and special storage configurations.